You can bet on the chance that aliens will be found.

Online bookmakers offer a better selection of games than most of their land-based counterparts, diverse markets and generally better odds. The Internet is where some of the most bizarre bets can be placed, by less conservative punters who are willing to try something different.

Top 10 most bizarre bets in the world

  1. The chance of Aliens being found
  2. Closure of Guantanamo Bay
  3. Length of the U.S. national anthem
  4. Super Bowl Gatorade Shower
  5. Royal baby boy first words
  6. BBC Sports Personality of the Year
  7. Britain's Got Talent Outrights
  8. Next James Bond’s skin color
  9. The actor to play Steven Avery in Hollywood movie
  10. The winner of US elections

Science and politics bizarre bets

Ladbrokes makes it possible for its members to bet on the chance of aliens being found, one of the most outlandish betting propositions. The Golden Age of science is now and in the wake of Lord Rees' recent announcement that the chances are better than ever before to discover aliens, these markets have flourished. In order to win such a bet, extraterrestrial life needs to be confirmed before the end of the decade, but the odds are a generous 1000 to 1.

When it comes to politics, punters prefer to bet on the major events, such as the outcome of the US presidential race. Back in the day when these wagers were first introduced by Betway and other bookmakers, they were included in the category of bizarre bets. Today however, they are offered by most gambling operators and the odds make perfect sense for those who watch the political debates.

NetBet US UK Election Bets
NetBet US UK Election Bets

A far more interesting bet for those who no longer want to settle for conventional sports is on whether Obama will close Guantánamo Bay or not. As his second term is about to conclude, this bet will probably return in a different form once the president is elected. For the time being, the safest bet is on the prison facility to stay open until Obama is out of office but new odds will be made available in November.

Bizzare bets popular in the UK

Paddy Power is one of the biggest UK-based gambling operators, and also the place where you can find some bizarre bets. British players wagered on the name of the new royal baby boy and they can now bet on his first words, choice for university and career among other things. The downside of placing such a bet is that you would have your money locked in for a relatively long time and there is no possibility to cash out your profits faster.

Prince William and Kate with their son. © CBS News
Prince William and Kate with their son. © CBS News

Winner Sports has plenty of bizarre bets that UK residents are sure to appreciate, including the BBC Sports Personality of the Year market. A couple of certain favorites have emerged, with Leicester footballer Jamie Vardy topping the list, but there are dozens of other celebrities to choose from. Betting the safe markets will only result in the stakes being increased several times, but riskier bets can make punters filthy rich overnight.

Britain's Got Talent is among the most watched TV shows in Britain, so it comes as no surprise that it features on the list of bizarre bets. Punters can place their wagers before or immediately after the season starts, but also live based on what they see on TV. This makes each edition more exciting and at least in theory benefits those who watch the show on a weekly basis and pay attention to details.

Screenshot of 888Sports Non-Sport Bets
Screenshot of 888Sports Non-Sport Bets

Super Bowl related bizarre bets

The most anticipated sports event in the United States is definitely the Super Bowl, where the two best American football teams square off. The vast majority of punters and almost all professionals bet on the winning squad, the total number of points and other in-game related events. A select few prefer to bet on the things that occur after or around the match and these are some truly bizarre bets.

Screenshot of Winner Sports Awards
Screenshot of Winner Sports Awards

William Hill allows players to bet on the color of the Gatorade thrown on the winning coach after his team wins the Super Bowl. The upside of betting on such an event is that you are almost certain that the Gatorade shower will take place, as it has grown into a Super Bowl event. Past performance suggests that the safest bet is on orange, because over the course of time, this was the most frequent color of the Gatorade shower. However, the best odds of 10 to 1 go to those who bet on purple.

Another one of the bizarre bets is on the length of the national anthem, which can be longer or shorter than two minutes. The same bookmaker will offer nearly even odds for both outcomes, so you’re basically flipping a coin. Punters will have to subtract the proverbial house edge, but if they make the right choice, they will start the Super Bowl as winners. Many are attracted by the prospect of cashing in before the first whistle, knowing that the average length of the last national on them performance is 1:57.

Film industry bizarre bets

The next James Bond is not just around the corner, but at Betfair members can already bet on whether the next spy will be black or not. Apparently, more people are betting on another white 007, but those who are hoping that the producers will be a bit more forward-thinking will increase their investment four times. Movie fans can push the envelope and bet on individual actors, at significantly higher odds.

Daniel Craig as James Bond. ©
Daniel Craig as James Bond. ©

Kiefer Sutherland is credited with the first chance to play Steven Avery in the next film, assuming such a title is release before 2018. The case of his infamous trial is already popular among moviegoers, and many are already talking about the most likely actor to take the role. If none of those that feature on the list get chosen by the film producers, or if the movie is released after 2011, the bets are voided.