Screenshot of Pew Die Pie gaming Youtubers Channel

Most people regard YouTube as a source of entertainment and a way of spending quality time online. For others, the online platform acts as a springboard to stardom. There are plenty of content creators out there, but some of them have generated a cult following. They use the opportunity to convey their message to a broad audience and eventually make a lot of money. The list compiled below includes the most successful gaming YouTubers of all time and the hottest stars of 2016

  1. PewDiePie
  2. Smoosh
  3. TobyGames
  4. BlueXephos
  5. TheFineBros
  6. SkyDoesMinecraft
  7. DisneyCollectorBR
  8. StampyLongHead
  9. BluCollection
  10. BFvsGF or PrankvsPrank


No one comes even close to tying PewDiePie for the lead when it comes to total number of followers. His most recent ploy helped him cross the psychological threshold of 50 million followers. It’s an important milestone and past performance suggests that there is plenty of room for him to grow. PewDiePie is the nickname chosen by Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a Gothenburg native who uses video games to meet millions of people halfway.

At the time he created his YouTube channel, there were not many professional reviewers populating this environment. Even so, he chose to make a name for himself by walking down the less traveled paths. Instead of focusing on technical issues, he took a more personal approach and it worked wonders. He developed a brand from scratch and created the easily recognizable “brofist”. With each video uploaded, his popularity grew and it is now the biggest online sensation among all gaming YouTubers.

Unlike many of his counterparts, PewDiePie doesn’t hesitate to tackle other subjects in addition to gaming. Back in the day he used to utter profanities every now and then but his more recent productions are suitable to a broader audience. He won multiple awards over the course of time such as the Most Popular Social Show on YouTube. The Swedish content creator is also famous for donating huge amounts of money to charities.

Smoosh gaming YouTubers

Smoosh is actually a group of two gaming YouTubers consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Both of them have been around for many years and had plenty of time to refine their approach and content. Almost inseparable, they brought a breath of fresh air to an industry that has become stale. For a while, the dynamic duo using slapstick comedy videos reigned supreme with their immensely popular channel. They have since lost the first place to PewDiePie but are still well regarded by a broad audience.

Smoosh have more than 6 billion total views and nearly 33,000,000 subscribers, which is quite an achievement. They have a bold approach and don’t hesitate to parody the most popular videogames. As the popularity of their channels grew, so did their numbers and the fans can now view a total of eight YouTube channels. They provide all types of content for various subscribers and are ready to expand even further. Many expect them to make the transition to TV comedy content.


TobyGames is just one of the names that this talented guy uses to entertain the audience. One of the most successful gaming YouTubers, he also has channels called TobyTurner and Tobuscus. Despite dividing the content on three distinct channels, there are plenty of videos to go around. Recently, the total number of subscribers has surpassed 15 million and he can brag about 3 billion total views.

The channel has been around since 2006, when he came up with a parody of an Adam Sandler movie. He quickly developed a dedicated group of followers who looked forward to see his latest releases. Since then, he produced parodies to many films and created a couple of short movies of his own. Toby Turner was recognized as a talented Internet comedian and signed deals with Machinima to Maker Studios.


BlueXephos is a newer addition to the world of gaming YouTubers, but a very promising one. This is the main channel for broadcasting used by British video game players and commentators. Their main area of expertise is Minecraft and World of Warcraft, two of the most popular videogames. With millions of people from all over the world playing these games is no coincidence that they have 7 million subscribers.

Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane are the ones who founded and developed this project. Both of them have a reputation for supporting various charities and donating large amounts. In the UK, they are appreciated for their quality content as well as the contributions made to Oxfam, Little People UK, GamesAid, SpecialEffect and War Child.

TheFineBros gaming YouTubers

TheFineBros YouTube channel is kept up and running by two brothers born in Brooklyn, called Benny and Rafi Fine. Their popularity resulted from the React video series which was sponsored by the companies in the US. Just as the name suggests, the react videos depict the manner in which viewers react to various challenges.

The dynamic duo found ways of keeping the content fresh, without departing too far from the original themes. It manages to capture the very essence of what made the first videos fun, while introducing new concepts. 2016 has been the best year for them and they are rumored to have signed some new deals.

Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson earned worldwide recognition with his Equals Three show. The purpose of his show was to comment the viral videos in a funny way. The 33-year-old has been for quite a while one of the most appreciated gaming YouTubers. He is now inching closer to 3 billion total views and 11 million subscribers, despite the fact that he stepped away from Equals Three.

Over the course of time, his show featured some of the best-known celebrities from Hollywood. Robin Williams and Sarah Silverman are among those who found it worthwhile participating in his show. He’s occasionally posting blogs from the original channel, but Equals Three will continue with a new host.


SkyDoesMinecraft looks and feels like a one trick pony, given the fact that it focuses exclusively on Minecraft. This makes it even more impressive how Adam Dahlberg managed to keep his content fresh for all these years. Adam was a dedicated player himself and became known worldwide after setting up the Team Crafted group of Minecraft players. SkyDoesMinecraft has the advantage of already benefiting from a healthy group of 10.5 million subscribers. The total number of views surged in 2016 to 2 billion.


Compared to the leading gaming YouTubers DisneyCollectorBR has a smaller audience and fewer total views. Even so, the Brazilian woman has extracted an astonishing amount from a relatively simple concept. With nearly 3,000,000 subscribers, she relies solely on her original videos dedicated to Disney toys. She tinkers with the latest creations, opens and assembles them before reducing the toys to smaller pieces. The show is very popular among children as the videos are both fun and informative.

The identity of the Brazilian woman who is behind DisneyCollectorBR remains a total mystery. What the fans know is that she has a soothing voice and really enjoys the time spent playing with these toys. Many adults find pleasure in putting the videos on to entertain their children and keep them quiet.


Another YouTube channel that dwells almost exclusively on toy videos is BluCollection. It does a fine job at presenting the latest toys from Disney and Play-Doh. There are plenty of other toys features and those who enjoy playing with them will have a fun time watching. The person making the videos chose to remain anonymous despite having more than 1 million total subscribers and 2.2 billion views.

There are many similarities between these videos and the ones produced by DisneyCollectorBR. The good news is that both of them are very popular and there is an audience broad enough for all of them.

BFvsGF or PrankvsPrank

Without being gaming YouTubers per se, the couple producing content for this channel has just as many fans. There are more than 1 million subscribers who watch the pranks made by Jesse Wellens and his girlfriend Jeanna. What started as a fun activity grew into a lucrative business and the string of pranks made the 20 famous worldwide. The total number of views has recently surpassed 2 billion.


Joseph Garrett made a name for himself after recording the first Minecraft videos. As a player he knew the game inside out and had no problem in coming up with content that fellow players would find exciting. His funny appearance and the manner in which he tackles the subject established him as an online celebrity. The popularity of the game is still very high even though fewer people pick up the game and join the ranks of players.