Total War Warhammer To Battle

Total War Warhammer is the first turn-based strategy real-time tactics game published by Sega in the trilogy. It brings in the spotlight the popular gameplay of the Total War franchise, while becoming the 10th installment in the series. Developed by Creative Assembly, it brings together four distinct playable factions which are all available for free and a fifth one called the Chaos Warriors. The latter were introduced in a downloadable content pack, after the official unveiling of the game.

Key facts about Total War Warhammer

  • Total War Warhammer abounds in new gameplay ideas, while staying true to the core game mechanics of the original series.
  • The Empire, the Greenskins, the Dwarfs and the Vampire Counts are the main factions available for free, while Chaos Warriors are unlocked in the DLC pack.
  • Total War Warhammer features a brand-new hero progression system, with dozens of side quests in addition to the main storyline.
  • The turn-based strategy real-time game has a fully fledged campaign and a highly competitive multiplayer mode.
  • The Bretonnia faction is only available in Total War Warhammer custom and multiplayer matches and features fewer units.

The Total War Warhammer games

Total War Warhammer has a rather short single player campaign, yet long enough to get players familiar with the gameplay. Once they are ready to make the transition to more competitive matches, they can play against each other in multiplayer. Anyone can play for free after acquiring the main game, but the fifth race will require the purchase of the DLC. The Chaos Warriors downloadable content is available as a standalone acquisition or together with the game.

The Total War Warhammer games are played at a fast pace, with each decision made by players influencing the outcome of the match. The single player campaign feels more like a warm-up for multiplayer, but all units are available in both modes. This makes it easier for players to learn the ropes and get familiar with core game mechanics, while trying various strategies against the AI. Missions are not heavenly scripted so it’s possible to complete all of them in more than one way.

Additional game modes are supported and players can also take advantage of all the Steam Workshop features when playing the videogame. The developers promise that even more mods will be released and players will have the option of creating their very own using the mod tools provided. This was supposed to offset the effect of making the downloadable content available only to those willing to pay. Players who are strapped on cash now have the option of creating their own missions, therefore enhance the replayability of the game for free.

What is Total War Warhammer

Total War Warhammer is a highly complex turn-based strategy game, featuring many elements specific to RTS games. It brilliantly combines historical and fantasy settings, with players getting to assume the roles of central characters in the Warhammer franchise. The Empire, the Greenskins, the Dwarfs and the Vampire Counts are the factions available for free. To play the missions and complete the quests associated to the Chaos faction, one would have to purchase the downloadable content pack.

Screenshot of Total War Warhammer Human Army
Screenshot of Total War Warhammer Human Army

Gameplay of Total War Warhammer

Depending on the faction chosen, players will gain access to different units, each with their own skills and special abilities. The gameplay of Total War Warhammer is quite complex as a result and savvy players have no choice but to play with all factions. Only by doing so will they learn enough about the five races, to be truly competitive in multiplayer. Furthermore, each faction has its very own campaign so those who don’t play all would be missing out on amazing content.

When embarking on various quests, players are rewarded with better items, unlockable skills and weapons previously unavailable in other Warhammer games. The new game introduces magic as a key element, but most NPCs have only very limited access to it. Throughout the game, players are also supposed to protect various agents which if kept alive can help them on the battlefield. At the same time, they tend to wander off aimlessly and get hurt or even killed, so they need constant babysitting.

Plot of Total War Warhammer

Total War Warhammer is essentially a multiplayer game, but it has a great campaign. It bears similarities to the previous games in the franchise, as players take control of one faction right from the start. Most of the time is spent fighting, but cultural, economical and commercial issues are also on the table. This is what makes it more complex. Depending on the faction chosen, players complete different quests and the storyline evolves differently.

Those who play the Empire, Vampires, Greenskins as well as and Dwarfs, will  discover that the missions are intertwined. Trade and diplomacy are important in this game, but some factions have a hard time earning the trust of rivals. That’s why when diplomacy fails some of them such as the Vampires need to corrupt the land in order to survive. Furthermore, all of them need to work together to stand a chance against the coming Chaos threatening the entire world.

Screenshot of Total War Warhammer Giant
Screenshot of Total War Warhammer Giant

The Warriors of Chaos are a force to be reckoned with and individually none of the four factions will be able to withstand them alone. What makes Total War Warhammer so exciting is is the intensity of its gameplay. Although everyone realizes the importance of working together to survive, petty conflicts delay the process. As players advance with the single player campaign, they will have to achieve various race-dependent goals. Those who succeed will be lavishly rewarded with better abilities and more powerful items.

It is essential to play the long game, while trying to keep your entire Empire afloat. The only way to do so is by taking calculated risks all the time. This means that one would have to be an amazing tactician. Players will constantly shift between defending fortified positions and pushing back the invaders.

Development of Total War Warhammer

Total War Warhammer was announced in 2012 when Sega started working with Games Workshop. Their intention was to develop an entire series and the decision to assign the Creative Assembly with the task, followed shortly after. Their attention was diverted to other projects, but since 2015, the entire team started working almost exclusively on this game. It was officially announced in the first quarter, with the publisher releasing a cinematic trailer to tease the fans. Their intention is to create an entire trilogy, with this being only the first episode in the series.

Where can I download Total War Warhammer?

Total War Warhammer can be downloaded from the official Sega, from Steam or from the videogame’s official website. The price is the same, but those who are interested in other games developed by the famous publisher would be wise to head on to their main page.

Screenshot of Total War Warhammer Green Skins
Screenshot of Total War Warhammer Green Skins

What are others saying about Total War Warhammer?

Total War Warhammer was highly anticipated by critics and players alike. Its release was celebrated with great reviews. The average score initially surged above 9 out of 10 and this prompted developers to accelerate work on the sequels. The game is intended to be just the first part of a trilogy and it uses the Total War engine. The videogame was also a massive commercial success, selling 500,000 copies over the course of just three days.

Total War Warhammer tournaments

This videogame was meant for multiplayer and it is one of the most competitive turn-based strategy games out there. Those who enjoy playing Final Fantasy XV, XCOM 2 and Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft are expected to enjoy every minute. Despite its competitive nature, there are only a few Total War Warhammer tournaments out there. More will be scheduled as the fan base grows. Meanwhile, those who seek the adrenaline rush of major events can watch StarCraft Legacy of the Void, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm or Counter Strike Global Offensive matches played by professional gamers.

My rating of Total War Warhammer

Total War Warhammer had some big shoes to fill, given the success of the previous games in the series. At the same time, it benefited from the fact that it is the first installment in a very promising trilogy. I was torn between high hopes, enthusiasm and the fear of developers failing to meet my expectations. I can put the latter to rest because I like everything from characters, units, plot, quests and gameplay.

I’m not the best player out there, but I know enough about the game and the franchise. Enough at least to acknowledge the superb quality of the multiplayer. I hope that more people will jump on the bandwagon and soon enough we’ll have fully fledged tournaments. I don’t mind paying for the Chaos Warriors downloadable content as the price is fair for the hours of fun provided. I’ll paid for the DLC gladly, as it feels like a good investment. I also  show my appreciation for what the developers have achieved with a review score of 9.5 out of 10.

Overall Score