Screenshot of Umbrella Corps Game Cover

Umbrella Corps is an expansion of the Resident Evil franchise, published and developed by Capcom. It was intended as a spinoff of the popular series and is essentially a multiplayer-based tactical shooter. The game was scheduled for release in June 2016 and the deadline was met. The downside is that in exchange of unveiling the game on time, developers sped up the process and the game was not received too well by critics. Most of the initial bugs were fixed and new features were added to make the game more exciting.

Key facts about Umbrella Corps

  • Umbrella Corps is a must have for those who have played all the games in the Resident Evil franchise.
  • The multiplayer-based tactical shooter is not a sequel to the latest installment, but rather a spinoff.
  • Umbrella Corps has a slightly different gameplay, with original shooting and movement mechanics that produced mixed reviews.
  • The game comes in different flavors and there are several modes for those who finish the single player campaign.
  • Umbrella Corps doesn’t have the brightest opponents and the AI sometimes fail to perform basic tasks.

The Umbrella Corps games

Resident Evil has influenced the Umbrella Corps games and also its levels. The maps feature some of the iconic facilities from the previous games, with better graphics. Despite the advancements of technology, the maps look and feel smaller, with action being cramped in most missions. The single player is to some extent nothing more than a prelude for the multiplayer and PVP action.

Umbrella Corps has 3v3 matches and as a result the number of players on each map is limited. The upside is that these games don’t get too crowded, but players miss the thrills of ample deathmatch games. Instead of having fixed spawning points, players can be brought back to life pretty much anywhere. The result is a less predictable game, which appeals to those who seek nonstop action. On the flipside, there is always the risk of being spawned in an area infested by opponents.

Since Umbrella Corps games are limited to six players in multiplayer, they sometimes can be pretty unbalanced. It’s hard to get a fair setup especially if you’re not playing with a premade group. Other game modes require players to kill zombies and acquire DNA vials. The team that collects the most buyers will win, an idea imported from other popular first-person shooters.

The games preferred by most of the members of the community are the classic objective-based games. Many of the missions feature zombies, in an attempt to make them different and unique. The problem is that these opponents are driven by a less than competent AI, which is frustrating on many levels. Real people are the only serious opponents and they are the ones that put your skills to the test when you shift to multiplayer.

What is Umbrella Corps

Umbrella Corps is a spinoff of the Resident Evil games, developed and published by Capcom. Its action takes place in 2015, a couple of years after the events of the latest installment in the series. The name of the game derives from the menacing Umbrella Corporation whose legacy lingers on. The first-person shooter will pit players against each other as well as zombies in both the single player and multiplayer.

Screenshot of Umbrella Corps Zombies
Screenshot of Umbrella Corps Zombies

Gameplay of Umbrella Corps

Umbrella Corps gameplay differs greatly depending on whether players compete against zombies or fellow players. Some missions are cooperative ones, so players pool their resources together to achieve a common goal. It is possible to switch from first person to third person perspective in all the games. The size of the maps also differs, with players getting to choose between compact battle zones and larger areas.

The gameplay of Umbrella Corps is varied, with players getting to choose between dozens of weapons. Everything from automatic rifles to pistols, shotguns and grenades can be used to take out opponents from a distance. Melee weapons are not in short supply and the Brainer combat axes are a bit overpowered. There are three distinct classes that players can choose from, assault, tactical and short range. Depending on this decision, players will receive different equipment and weapons.

Very little of the environment is destructible, but players can take shelter behind various structures. The cover system works smoothly on all consoles and PCs and should be used extensively. Sacrificing visibility is a fair price to pay, for the advantage of taking less damage from all sources. Players can switch between offensive and defensive mode using special weapons such as the brainer combat axe. If players die, they automatically enter spectator mode, so they can watch the action unfold.

A serious challenge in the Umbrella Corps games is posed by zombies which infest most of the maps. To spice up the action and further complicate the gameplay, players can use special devices to conceal their presence. Zombie Jammers makes it impossible for zombies to locate them, but these devices can be disabled by opponents. Throughout the campaign, the customization and progression system gives the game depth, but most changes are cosmetic.

Screenshot of Umbrella Corps Showdown
Screenshot of Umbrella Corps Showdown

Plot of Umbrella Corps

Umbrella Corps isn’t famous for its single player campaign, which only has 20 levels. It goes by the name of The Experiment and requires players to complete 20 missions in a row. They only have one life, so if they die they need to start from scratch. It is not a tempting premise for beginners, but appearances are deceiving and the mission set is not that difficult. The reason is that when killed, zombies will drop healing herbs that will restore the health of players.

The developers make it feel like the single player is nothing more than an afterthought. It helps players get familiar with the maps, the gameplay and the opponents they will encounter in multiplayer. The problem is that in the absence of a compelling plot and convincing characters, it amounts to nothing more than 20 missions piled together.

Development of Umbrella Corps

Umbrella Corps was developed by Capcom's Osaka studio, which is the most important unit of the game publisher. It was supposed to capture the very essence of the Resident Evil franchise and appeal to the fans of the series. Announced in 2015 and scheduled for release two years later it met the deadlines, but wasn’t well received by the critics. After the game was revealed during the Sony Computer Entertainment press conference several more trailers were added.

Where can I download Umbrella Corps?

Those who plan on playing Umbrella Corps should first check out the games in the Resident Evil series. All the games in the franchise can be downloaded from the Capcom website and the same goes for the spinoff. In addition to Resident Evil 6, you’ll find other games published by Capcom, including ones belonging to other genres such as Street Fighter 5, DMC Devil May Cry or Lost Planet 3.

What are others saying about Umbrella Corps?

Umbrella Corps wasn’t expected to get higher ratings than most of the games in the Resident Evil 6 franchise. However, both the publisher and the developers were disappointed with the initial reviews. Neither the fans nor the critics were particularly impressed with the changes made to the gameplay. There was almost consensus among the critics when it came to the single player campaign, dismissed as weak.

Screenshot of Umbrella Corps Firefight
Screenshot of Umbrella Corps Firefight

There were however people who appreciated the fact that developers were born enough as to change some core mechanics. At the expense of deviating from the Resident Evil 6 dogma, Umbrella Corps strived to make a name for itself. The results were mixed and most of the reviews were unfavorable.

Umbrella Corps tournaments

Umbrella Corps is nothing to shout for when it comes to single player, so all hopes were on PVP. Multiplayer is competent but the fact that each team consists of only three players is a major letdown. Under these circumstances, it’s hardly a surprise that this game is not the best choice for tournaments. There are other first-person shooters that are far more exciting in this format. Gears of War 4, Overwatch, Counter Strike, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 or Battlefield 4 could feature on such a list.

My rating of Umbrella Corps

I wasn’t the biggest fans of the Resident Evil 6 game, but I found it to be thrilling. Some of the scenes were downright nail biting and I have to confess that the horror videogame kept me at the edge of my seat. I’d like to be able to say the same about Umbrella Corps, but sadly this spinoff is a step back.

Developers did their best to build on the popularity of the celebrated franchise, but they weren’t too successful. I’m particularly upset with the single player campaign and I believe they could’ve done better. The multiplayer didn’t sweep me off my feet either, in fact it felt a bit restrictive and repetitive. Out of respect for the previous games in the series and Capcom I give this videogame rating of 7 out of 10.

Overall Score