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Winamax is the poker room that the entire French community talks about. It is by far the most popular poker operator in this country, ahead of industry leaders such as PartyPoker, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Since 2010, they promoted their original software and build a strong community from scratch. They can now brag about one of the best poker products and have French professional players as brand ambassadors. This projects an image of trustworthiness that helps the poker room beyond borders.

Winamax makes no secret of its intention to focus almost exclusively on the French community. In the wake of their surprising success, they decided to expand beyond borders and are now sought after by international customers. Only No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha can be played here but opposition is weak, especially at low limits.

Key facts about Winamax

  • The vast majority of those who play poker and Winamax are French players.
  • The software is very different from standard poker rooms and significantly better than average.
  • Winamax is one of the least competitive poker rooms, so the odds of running into amateurs are high.
  • The welcome bonus exceeds the industry standard, but it can be a bit difficult to claim them fast.
  • Players can only withdraw money via bank transfer at Winamax and customer support is limited to live chat.

How are the limits at Winamax?

Winamax charges a rake of 10% when players sign up for tournaments and also has a flat rake for cash games. Those hands that don’t go to the flop are not charged, so players don’t play unfairly high amounts each time they sit down at the tables. There is also a cap so even those who move on to higher limits, won’t be at a disadvantage. Speaking of higher limits, there are not too many options for professionals and action is more intense at low stakes.

Screenshot of Winamax Pro Team Page
Screenshot of Winamax Pro Team Page

Winamax games

Winamax games are centered on no limit Texas hold’em, which represent more than three quarters of all the games available. They are evenly distributed among cash games, tournaments and sit ‘n goes. The same goes for Omaha, which is the Cinderella of poker, but one of the two accepted types of poker here. Fewer players choose to sit down at the tables, but action is pretty intense up to NL200.

Sit N Go action starts at €0.5 and go all the way up to €500, so there is plenty of leeway. Throughout the week, players have the option of signing up for daily tournaments or wait for the big events. These take place over the weekend and they have a guaranteed prize pool of €40,000. The amounts might look high, but they pale in comparison to the prizes that can be won at PartyPoker, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

Is Winamax safe and reliable?

Safety has been a chief concern at Winamax rise from the start and results speak for themselves. By using bank-grade firewalls and 128 bit SSL encryption technology, the poker room has kept all wrongdoers at bay. The company goes to great lengths to make sure that they abide by national rules, which results in many countries being excluded. Among the peculiarities that players will encounter is the fact that they are expected to enter their details whenever they log in.

How do you register at Winamax?

Winamax wants to make sure that you reside in a country where gambling is legal. That’s why,it will erect plenty of barricades against those who try to find a shortcut. If you meet all their conditions however, you will be well-positioned to open a real money account hassle-free. Just make sure you enter the correct birthday, because you will be asked many times to use it when logging in.

Screenshot of Winamax Cash Games Page
Screenshot of Winamax Cash Games Page

Payment options and cash out times at Winamax

Paypal, Skrill, wire transfer, Neteller, Paysafecard, Ticket Surf Premium and Moneyclic are the Winamax payment methods accepted. Some work both ways and players are advised to use the same financial instruments for deposits and withdrawals. This mitigates the risks of fraud and money laundering.

Players can deposit instantly and then wait for a cash out to complete in less than three days. This is a surprisingly short waiting time even by European poker rooms. The trick is that players can be delayed if they fail to update their personal information. Luckily this is a one-time operation and once you perform this step, you won’t run into trouble.

Winamax promo & bonus codes

Winamax will double first deposit up to €500, while paying the bonus in five increments worth 20% each. Players are supposed to wager real cash and any of the games available to unlock the entire amount. As they do so, they also make their baby steps in the VIP program. This is fully fledged and in the long run players collect points that can be spent in the Winamax Boutique. They can also be used to purchase tournament tickets or converted into cash right away, once a threshold is reached.

Winamax mobile app

Winamax mobile application acts as a bridge for those who want to shift from desktop computers to mobile devices. iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows phones can all be used for gambling purposes. All the games are available on smartphones and tablets and the application can be acquired free of charge.

Winamax service and support

Winamax doesn’t offer customer support exclusively in French, as some might suspect. English and German are also offered, but the real problem is that players can only ask for assistance via email. Granted the customer service team is prompt and effective, this is no substitute for live chat.

Screenshot of Winamax VIP Area Page
Screenshot of Winamax VIP Area Page

How does Winamax compare to other poker rooms?

Winamax software has always been user-friendly and this didn’t change once the mobile app was added. Players can monitor their performance by going over the hand history at both tournaments and cash games. This service is provided by all the leading poker rooms, including Carbon Poker, PartyPoker, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

Players can open several poker tables simultaneously and even combine cash games with tournament. The shortcoming is that you can only play No Limit Texas Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha here. Competition is soft and this means a great deal for beginners, but also those who play poker for a living. On the flipside, action is less intense at high stakes, so you can’t make a lot of money as a professional.

What are others saying about Winamax?

There are a couple of advantages that are acknowledged in Winamax reviews. The friendliness of their software and the ease of use are some of them, next to software stability and multiplatform options. Everyone is raving about how easy it is to learn the ropes here in the absence of sharks preying on you. It’s all fun and games until you hope to make a fortune playing at high stakes, because action is slow.

The mobile application was praised by Android, iOS and Windows Phone users and the same goes for those who rely upon poker trackers. Unfortunately, the absence of a live chat service and the prohibitive list of payment methods for withdrawals are holding them back. The special promotions and offers received mixed reviews, with players cherishing the amounts, but complaining about the clearing rate.

My rating of Winamax

What brought me to Winamax was the alleged soft competition and I wasn’t disappointed. I ran into so many amateurs and people who were learning poker on the go that I had no problem in building a bankroll. I appreciate the attention they paid to upgrading the software and the quality of customer support.

If you are fluent in French this is an excellent place to start your poker experience. You will have countless opportunities to interact with fellow players without worrying about poker pros and sharks. They do many things right and even though it has a long way to go to close the gap separating it from industry leaders, it fully deserves a rating of 7.5 / 10.

Overall Score