World of Warcraft Legion. © Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft Legion is the latest expansion to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It was announced in 2015 and released one year later, on August 30, 2016. Players continue leveling up from 100 to 110, while adding a brand-new area on Azeroth to explore. The Demon Hunter hero class is available and those who choose it start at level 98.

Key facts about World of Warcraft Legion

  • World of Warcraft Legion introduces the Demon Hunter as a brand-new hero class, which serves a damage and tanking role.
  • The game increases the level cap from 100 to 110, while demon hunters start at 98 and are limited to one per server.
  • World of Warcraft Legion has changed the PVP system altogether, introducing new skills that can only be used in battlegrounds and arenas.
  • Players get to explore the new continent of Broken Isles and harness the power of artifact weapons.
  • All classes have suffered major changes in World of Warcraft Legion, at an unprecedented scale compared to previous expansions.

The World of Warcraft Legion games

Some aspect about World of Warcraft Legion are still shrouded in mystery. We know for certain that the core structure has remained the same. After players choose the character they must opt for a PvP or a PvE server and start leveling up. Their choice will determine whether it will be possible for them to attack their peers indiscriminately, or if combat will be restricted to certain areas and battlegrounds. Role-playing servers are still available for both player versus player and player versus environment realms.

Players use a set of abilities, with each new level presenting them with the option of choosing between new skills. Developers chose to make these decisions more important in World of Warcraft Legion. They are also adding a new layer of complexity to the gameplay. The game promises to be slightly more difficult than its predecessors, bearing more resemblances to the original World of Warcraft.

When players die, the character turns into a ghost and is resurrected at a nearby graveyard, while only suffering durability loss to their equipment. In the long run, the weapons and equipment need to be repaired and the costs differ depending on their quality. Players can either travel as a ghost to their corpse and get resurrected or use the spirit healer for the purpose. The downside is that in exchange of being brought to life immediately, players suffer resurrection sickness for the next 10 minutes.

Those who are successful in battlegrounds gain experience pointsand tokens that can be used to purchase weapons and gear. Both the winners and the losers collect honor points and the aforesaid tokens. Those who succeed receive significantly more than the vanquished.

Screenshot of World of Warcraft Legion. © Blizzard Entertainment
Screenshot of World of Warcraft Legion. © Blizzard Entertainment

Gameplay of World of Warcraft Legion

World of Warcraft Legion continues the events of World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor, as the mortal races of Azeroth back the full attack of the burning Legion. The MMORPG game marks the introduction of the Demon Hunter class and customizable artifacts that are specific to each class. Players have a new continent to explore which goes by the name of The Broken Isles. They can level up by completing hundreds of new quests.

World of Warcraft Legion players start leveling up from 100 if they already have a high character. Those who have pre-ordered the game have access to a free boost. Player versus player gaming has changed greatly. It features a brand-new PVP honor system that will trigger new talents available exclusively in battlegrounds and arenas. The honor talents are earned by leveling up. That's why those who use equipment from quests and raids will find out that their bonuses will be nullified.

Players have the option of configuring a set of stats specific to their specialization to be more effective in PVP. World of Warcraft Legion introduces artifact weapons, which are significantly more powerful than regular ones. A total of 36 of them are available right from the start. They include some of the legendary weapons wielded by prominent heroes in the franchise. To receive these items, players will have to complete certain quests and the weapons can be upgraded and customized.

Major class changes in World of Warcraft Legion

The World of Warcraft Legion gameplay has changed as a result of modifications suffered by all the existing classes. The specializations changes make some of the classes more versatile. They encourage players to contemplate new ways of harnessing the strength of their characters of choice. In the new expansion, every single class will have its very own order hall. This is where it can pick up exclusive quests, upgrade their weapons and change its look.

Screenshot of World of Warcraft Legion. © Blizzard Entertainment
Screenshot of World of Warcraft Legion. © Blizzard Entertainment

The introduction of a brand-new class that goes by the name of Demon Hunter, is an essential pillar of World of Warcraft Legion. The new characters wield demonic magic to kill their opponents and they are truly unique. Savvy World of Wracraft players will notice that they bear some similarities to the death knights. Players who choose them can assume the damage-dealer and tanking role in raids and instances. Demon hunters wear leather armor and fight with warglaives, such as those owned by Illidan.

An interesting thing about the new class is that only those who choose one of the two elvish races will be able to play them. Some restrictions have also been imposed on the number of demon hunters per realm. For instance, players are restricted to a single one and they need to have a level 70 character as well. Their story in World of Warcraft Legion begins when they are freed  to help mortal races fight the Burning Legion.

World of Warcraft Legion Pre Release Quests

The hype surrounding World of Warcraft Legion started well before the pre-release quests were available. These missions ramp up the tension and prepare players for what’s to come. It all begins with the confrontation between the forces of Azeroth and the Legion. The opening chapter is massive in scale and features some of the most emblematic characters in the franchise. Don’t hold your breath for a happy ending because this is one of the most dramatic expansions in the series so far.

Blizzard has released one quest chain per week and the first one happens to be the best. The cinematic sets the stage and gets players fully immersed into the World of Warcraft Legion atmosphere. Major changes happen and without spoiling the fun, we can only say that the end will leave you breathless.

Screenshot of World of Warcraft Legion Expansion Reveal
Screenshot of World of Warcraft Legion Expansion Reveal

Demon Invasions were accessible for only three weeks starting on August 9 and there were six zones for players to explore. Scattered all around Azeroth they require a bit of traveling, but are definitely worth the effort. Players as low as level 10 can join the fight to repel the invaders and receive a lot of XP points.

The last pre-Legion quest for World of Warcraft Legion takes players to the floating city of Dalaran and fallen Karazhan. Familiar foes re-emerge and those who have played the prequels will find great pleasure in exploring the former dungeon. The quest for the Pillars of Creation will take players to new places and they learn about the Broken Isles. Meanwhile, all six invasion locations are up simultaneously and occur every two hours, with better rewards for killing bosses.

World of Warcraft Legion First Impressions

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. World of Warcraft Legion is supposed to breathe new life into a franchise that struggles to maintain its subscribers. The new release promises to restore its former glory and the first impressions are favorable to say the least. Some of the most memorable cinematics were already released with previous patches. The official unveiling of the game seemingly went unnoticed, except to those dedicated players who were there at midnight.

Given the disappointing manner in which World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor continued the saga, this was a pleasant surprise. Story-wise, the narrative returns to the format that made the game so popular in the first place. You no longer switch between alternate timelines and main characters return in the spotlight. They look genuinely concerned about what the future will bring and there is an overwhelming feeling of impending doom.

The addition of the Demon Hunter, in conjunction with the free character boost has prompted players to choose this class. Inspired by Illidan Stormrage this class is fast, moves around with dazzling speed and can inflict a lot of damage. The other specialization is tanking, but with damage dealing beings so fun, it’s unlikely to see many playing tank.

The starting zone of this new class looks amazing and is a reason good enough to check it out. The landscape hasn’t changed dramatically, as it did in World of Warcraft Cataclysm. However, the graphics are much better and players now have computers powerful enough to render them properly. At the first glance, any fan of the series will realize that the world design was greatly improved.

New characters and class overhauls

The reason for why prequels failed to capture the lost glory of the franchise, is that they’ve got very little novelty. World of Warcraft Legion promises to change all that and the modifications made so far are truly groundbreaking. Players will notice that the classes they were so familiar with have changed almost beyond recognition. These modifications go beyond the visuals and most core mechanics were altered or transformed completely.

The return of talent trees in World of Warcraft Legion makes you feel like playing vanilla WoW all over again. It’s a bit of work, but the kind of effort definitely worth making and it is guaranteed to keep players hooked for a while. The same goes for the crafting professions, which once again have meaning and add value to the game. The dreadful garrisons are gone and players can no longer craft everything they need within the confinement of those walls.

I can’t speak for all players, but the animations look significantly better for my class. I assume this is the case for all and this makes it a pleasure to discover the new abilities. The introduction of “artifact” weapons has already generated mixed reactions and it’s easy to understand why. On one hand, there is a lot of enthusiasm about the prospect of wielding legendary weapons. Anyone who is familiar with the World of Warcraft lore will instantly recognize them and feel a certain degree of pride wielding them.

At the same time, there are some disgruntled by the fact that everyone is wearing the same weapons. Before jumping to conclusions and bashing Blizzard for this decision, players should remember that the transmog ability is just one click away. There are countless possible combinations and past performance suggests that most players are quick to use transmog.

Questing and leveling up

What killed the fun in World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor were less engaging questing. Leveling up is again exciting, thanks to superb voice acting and a plethora of diminutive cut scenes. This massively multiplayer online role-playing game was always about atmosphere and the new expansion sets the mood. It is the music that works wonders throughout the single player and adds depth to questing. Developers never had the intention of reinventing the wheel and questing follows the same core principles.

Those who have played all expansion packs so far will surely notice a couple of important differences. Quests flow smoothly and shifting between main missions to side quests feels more natural. The most avid players hit the 110 level in less than one day after the official expansion. While I can only commend them for their passion, I fear that they might have missed out on the very essence of World of Warcraft Legion. Each zone tells a story and Blizzard put a lot of work in designing these new areas.

For the time being, the emphasis is on the main storyline and the few quests. Blizzard has already hinted that the former raid instance Karazhan will return in a different way. Players will instead enter a dungeon with another four companions and defeat the first tough bosses in this expansion. This will also present them with a chance to test the quality of World of Warcraft Legion in terms of raiding. This dungeon will feel like a raid of diminutive proportions, more competitive than regular instances, yet manageable.

With so many players complaining that the latest expansions were too easy, we might have a surprise. Scalable difficulty for rating is unlikely to go away, but the game promises to be much more challenging at high level.

Plot of World of Warcraft Legion

The World of Warcraft Legion plot starts after Archimonde is defeated at Hellfire Citadel, but manages to send Gul’dan through the dark portal. The maleficent creature continues his wrongdoing and after finding the corpse of Illidan, he plots the return of the Burning Legion. The mortal races scramble to contain this threat and once again need to join forces to survive the impending onslaught.

Players learn the power of the new artifacts and master them to destroy the invaders, while learning to trust the Demon Hunters once again. Some characters that were present in previous installments have returned in this expansion, such as Turalyon and Alleria. Most of the action in the game takes place in the new continent Broken Isles, located in the Great Sea.

These consist of six distinct zones which go by the name of Azsuna, The Broken Shore, Highmountain, Stormheim, Suramar and Val'sharah. Fans of the franchise will celebrate the return of the city of Dalaran which harbors in the southern area of the new continent.

Screenshot of World of Warcraft Legion. © Blizzard Entertainment
Screenshot of World of Warcraft Legion. © Blizzard Entertainment

Development of World of Warcraft Legion

The World of Warcraft Legion was released in August 2016, but alpha testing started in late 2015. The game is available on PCs and Macs and players could preorder it to receive a free boost and early access to the newly introduced class. The developers chose to keep much of the plot secret, but announced a complete overhaul of both PVP and PVE.

Where can I download World of Warcraft Legion?

Blizzard Entertainment was The World of Warcraft Legion available for download. Those who placed an order before the official release got a one level 100 boost. Overwatch is another game available  both on the website and by using the gaming client. The same goes for already popular titles such as StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm and Heroes of the Storm.

What are others saying about World of Warcraft Legion?

In anticipation of a new expansion, the fans and professional game reviewers were buzzing with enthusiasm. The pre-release quests allow players to catch a glance and what the new expansion has to offer. Very little is told about the Broken Isles and the creatures inhabiting them. Players and professional reviewers alike were utterly impressed with the dramatic quests and the changes they bring. Some had a hard time letting popular characters go, but most embraced the plot twist wholeheartedly.

The Demon invasions left a lot to be desired for expert players, but were much appreciated by casual ones. World of Warcraft Legion reviews highlight the fact that while defending Azeroth from invading demons, players hone their skills. With the classes and talents changing so much, it takes a while to pick up and master the new mechanics. They provide great practice for the actual game and will help a lot with the learning curve.

The World of Warcraft Legion is expected to set an important milestone for the franchise by making PVP great again. Everyone is watching with interest how the changes made to all the classes will impact the gameplay and how the new Demon Hunter class will perform. As always, the new expansion drew criticism in regard to the new class being overpowered. It is expected for Blizzard to nerf the Demon Hunter to keep PVP balance, therefore competitive.

World of Warcraft Legion tournaments

The World of Warcraft Legion tournaments are not that far-fetched anymore, due to the PVP changes. Honor points and honor talents were introduced, with players leveling up in the PVP scale up to top level 50. From this point onward, players can choose to reset the level by opting in for Prestige mode or keep playing and focus on either arenas or battlegrounds. The former promises to be the most exciting ones and the new challenges have the potential of making these team skirmishes exciting again.

My rating of World of Warcraft Legion

I find it impossible to stay away from any World of Warcraft expansion, but I’m particularly interested in this one. All the changes announced by the developers are music to my ears because it finally looks like they are paying attention to what the fan-base is asking for. I like the PVP changes announced and even though I’m mostly a PvE guy, I’m anxiously waiting to test my skills against my peers. For their commitment to make World of Warcraft a better game, I’ll take a leap of faith with a review score of 9/10.

Overall Score