World of Warcraft Legion is set for international release on August 30. In anticipation of the latest installment in the series, developers have released a major pre-patch. It serves the purpose of the readying the game for the latest expansion and getting players familiar with new characters. Blizzard announced players that those who pre-purchase the game will have the Demon Hunter class available. The best case scenario is to have this character class released on August 17, two weeks before the game itself.

World of Warcraft news indicates the fact that the new installment will bring sweeping changes. All classes and characters will be affected more or less, in an attempt to make them more distinct. Some players complained that there were simply too many similarities between classes and this issue is being addressed by Blizzard. Preview blogs and videos allow players to catch a glimpse at what lies ahead and serve as an incentive to preorder.

Creative destruction at its finest

Some of the most troubling World of Warcraft news is in regard to some content vanishing forever. On one hand, the new installment will introduce new quests, raids and dungeons. At the same time, some of the adventures that are still available will be removed so this is the last chance to enjoy them. Players are supposed to resist their natural inclination to focus exclusively on visuals. The new transmog system is impressive, but there are other priorities for those who play the pre-patch content.

Among the things that can be enjoyed for the last time, the Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament is at the top of the list. This competition brings players together in one of the most beautiful areas of World of Warcraft. Meanwhile, players should make the last attempts to join the Brawler’s Guild and put their skills to the test in the Challenge Modes.

Those who defeated Garrosh Hellscream know that it used to drop heirloom-class weapons that can be passed on new characters. When World of Warcraft Legion hits the stores, all these items will be removed, so time is clearly on the essence. Most of the trinkets that can be found in the latest dungeons and raids were nerfed, making the heirloom items a better alternative.

Screenshot of World of Warcraft Crumbling Worlds
Screenshot of World of Warcraft Crumbling Worlds

World of Warcraft News centered on Demon Hunters

By now everyone knows that the existing classes will undergo significant changes to make them more unique. At the same time, the imminent introduction of the demon hunters is on the lips of all players. The only way to experiment the thrills of this new class is by pre-ordering the game. The investment will have a two-pronged effect, as they will get to participate in specific pre-launch events.

Some World of Warcraft News indicate the fact that this melee class will come out as overpowered. This has happened in the past and until Blizzard intervenes to restore orders, players enjoyed a good time. Past performance suggest that regardless of their class of choice, players will embrace the new addition. On the other hand, once World of Warcraft Legion rolls on, players will revert to their main characters. That’s why, acquiring the game early allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

It’s not all good World of Warcraft News

World of Warcraft Legion will begin with a massive scale battle between the heroes of Azeroth and the Legion. This promises to be one of the most memorable opening chapters of all expansions so far. Those who are hoping for a happy ending, shouldn’t hold their breath as some key characters won’t survive. Developers chose to make this expansion more dramatic than its predecessors and players will get a taste of this approach early on.

This action-packed debut of World of Warcraft Legion is bound to get players fully immersed into the war atmosphere. It definitely helps that the World of Warcraft the Beginning movie was released just two months before. The community of players is expected to include newcomers, in addition to dedicated fans of the franchise. Some important characters will be gone, but new heroes will step up to face the onslaught of Legion forces.

Screenshot of World of Warcraft Serene Village
Screenshot of World of Warcraft Serene Village

Players who spend some time defeating bosses in Hellfire Citadel have a last chance to secure a legendary mount. Defeating Archimonde on Heroic mode results in the dropping of the moose mount. Skill and tenacity are also rewarded with the elusive Felsteel Annihilator mount that drops only in Mythic mode.

A Taste of the PvP to come

The recent World of Warcraft news conveys an optimistic message for fans of player versus player combat. Very little has changed over the course of two expansions, but the latest installment promises to be different. Players are advised to start collecting Marks of Honor which will serve as the new currency for PVP gear. You can forget about conquest and honor points because once the expansion rolls out, this currency will be removed.

Blizzard has announced that there won’t be distinct types of gear for PVE and PVP players. Transmog will be the only way to produce truly distinctive equipment. For a brief period of time, PvE experts will get to put their high-level equipment to good use in battlegrounds. The stats from their trinkets and gear will only last until World of Warcraft Legion launches. The bottom line is that if you want to feel overpowered and deliver indiscriminate justice to PVP players, this is the time to act.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, are beginners who boost a character to level 100. There is great World of Warcraft news for this category as well, as their basic gear is competitive in skirmishes. Once the leveling up begins, it will be every player for himself or herself and gear level will matter again.