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What is WRC 7?

WRC 7: World Rally Championship, commonly referred to as WRC 7 is a racing videogame developed by Kylotonn. The French developer has released the game in September 2017 and it was published by BigBen Interactive. It can be played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as Microsoft Windows powered computers. The game is licensed by FIA and is the seven installment in the World Rally Championship series.

Key facts about WRC 7

  • WRC 7 does a great job at re-creating the World Rally Championship atmosphere.
  • Players can compete on different maps including all popular types of terrain.
  • WRC 7 locations are detailed, with great graphics and highly realistic sound effects.
  • This is one of the most difficult games in the series because of the absence of driving assist.
  • WRC 7 is the best looking game in the series and one of the best racing simulators ever made.

WRC 7 Review & [Test] – Breathtaking Tracks, Tough RacesGameplay of WRC 7

The gameplay of WRC 7 has traded simplicity for realism, which makes it more difficult than other games in the franchise. Players compete over a couple of time trials and each of them has different stages. This presents them with the opportunity of moving from one location to the other and race in different landscapes. The one thing they all have in common is the sheer difficulty of controlling the car while trying to finish the stage as fast as possible.

Championships are won by scoring the fastest climb across the race days and accumulating more points than fellow players. WRC 7 races take place in all the important stops of the real championship, from Sweden to Argentina and everywhere in between. Some of the tracks pit players against the harsh conditions of the desert, frosty winters or rainy seasons. Racing down the narrow roads is only complicated by the snow, water and dust engulfing the car.

The WRC 7 gameplay is one of the most realistic in the series and this comes at the price of hard controls. One mistake is enough to send the car off road and finish the race prematurely. Basically every race is a challenge to stay 100% focused and anticipate the next challenge ahead. Compared to the previous games in the franchise, this one is more demanding and will take its toll on inexperienced players.

Handling the cars even in ideal track conditions can be difficult in the absence of driving assist controls. The developers found it worthwhile to eliminate them altogether, so players get a better sense of what racing actually is. Some players were hoping for at least a handful of basic features, such as stability control to be added to level the playing field.

Screenshot of WRC 7 Red Bull Racing

Plot of WRC 7

WRC 7 is all about nonstop action and the game is not supposed to have an integral narrative. This is essentially a racing video games so the emphasis is on finishing the race faster than your competitors. Even so, developers decided to give players a sense of purpose, by making them feel like they are a part of something greater. The goal is to win the World Rally Championship and this can only be done by prevailing in as many stages as possible.

In the absence of a proper WRC 7 plot, players will have to take solace in the fact that their quest takes them to different locations all over the world. As they travel from one continent to the other, they compete on tracks that are very similar to the real racing events. Visually satisfying, these competitions now have a level of detail unmatched by any similar games. At the same time, this adds a new layer of complexity to the gameplay, by requiring players to take into account minor details that can affect their performance.

Players are given a sense of accomplishment whenever they complete the stage. This provides the much-needed immediate gratification, while also counting towards winning the championship. All in all, there are a total of 13 rally locations and as many as 55 team cars, so diversity is insured. Even though the differences between the cars are great on the inside, the exterior is remarkable. They resemble their real-life counterparts in great detail, so players feel like they’re a part of the real thing.

Completing the single player requires focus, perseverance and concentration. However, this represents just the tip of the iceberg and the most important and exciting races are the ones in multiplayer.

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Development of WRC 7

Development of WRC 7 started immediately after the previous game in the series was complete. The producers wanted to make sure that the new game was released on time despite the new changes. Speaking of which, the latest racing simulator is more authentic and developers had to cut down on several existing features. The challenge was to make their absence go unnoticed, by not making the game too complicated. They were only partially successful, as this is one of the difficult games in the series.

WRC 7 was also aimed at becoming a major hit among those who prefer to play in multiplayer. Players can now monitor their performance by checking out the leaderboard. This is where everything is factored in, from the time it takes to complete a race to the track combo and other challenges. What makes this different from the single player experience is that you put your skills to the test against other players.

Where can I download WRC 7?

Kylotonn’s website is the obvious place to go if you want to download the game as well as any of its predecessors. That’s because the French videogame developer has all its titles here, just one click away. Even though the differences between the last game and the previous installments are significant, it’s not mandatory to play the other games. The best features were simply imported to the new release, except for those sacrificed for the sake of realism.

Need for Speed 2015, The Crew, Grant Turismo and Forza Horizon 3 as well as WRC 6 should be considered. Grand Theft Auto V is another popular game among those who enjoy racing, although for very different reasons. In any case, these are all top ranking games worth given a shot.

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What are others saying about WRC 7?

WRC 7 reviews acknowledge the efforts made by developers to come up with an innovative title. It’s not easy to reinvent the wheel and produce a game that is much better than its predecessor when it comes to rallying. However, the new game is more realistic and players appreciate its authenticity, despite the heavy price. In exchange of enjoying a game that is more similar to the real thing, players have to accept a much steeper difficulty curve when playing.

Some players were complaining about the occasional frame drops and the failing graphics in some races. These were however isolated complaints and the vast majority of those who played enjoyed the level of detail. Another issue that was mentioned in WRC 7 reviews was in regard to the way the replays are shown and the vantage point. Even though the changes of gameplay were not dramatic, for a racing video game, they were regarded by the critics as sufficient.

My Rating of WRC 7

It’s hard not to feel for videogame developers who try every year to come up with a better sports simulator. Because the games don’t change at all, they have a hard task at producing something innovative and they usually fail. WRC 7 developers were in a similar situation, but at least they managed to change the gameplay enough to make the new game exciting. Difficult as it is, this racing simulator can be fun if you are competitive by nature and want to win.

WRC 7 can be an excellent distraction for those who play other genres and want to try something different for a change. However, if you know little about racing simulators, this game will pose a serious challenge and it’s not for the fainthearted. I was impressed with its amazing visuals and the sound effects that make you feel like actually driving the car. 7 out of 10 might look like a low score, but for the quality of games released in 2017, it’s quite an achievement for the World Rally Championship racing video game.