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What is WWE 2K17?

WWE 2K17 is the pro-wrestling videogame developed by Visual Concepts and publish for PlayStation and Xbox consoles by 2K Sports. This is actually the 18th game in the series and builds on the popularity of the WWE 2K16 title. It adds new players to the already impressive roster and tweaks the existing game mechanics to make them more accurate. Players regard it as the best in the series, in terms of both graphics and gameplay.

Key facts about WWE 2K17

  • WWE 2K17 features all the professional athletes from the wrestling world.
  • The game re-creates major tournaments and also has a fully fledged single player.
  • WWE 2K17 was appreciated by the fans for its dynamic rivalries between professional wrestlers.
  • In-ring action is made more accurate and realistic, thanks to the newly introduced game mechanics.
  • WWE 2K17 through some criticism for its promos and overall weak presentation.

Gameplay of WWE 2K17

The game was announced soon after its predecessor hit the stores and development started in May 2016. Many of the features were preserved and only slightly tweaked, which explains why the WWE 2K17 gameplay is not that different. It introduces new characters, such as Goldberg, some of them available exclusively to those who have preorder the game. The videogame tries to re-create the atmosphere from wrestling arenas, as well as the trademark moves of the most prominent stars.

By significantly expanding the roster, it made it possible for players to unlock new characters and their special moves. The real fighting is more spectacular, with players being granted more freedom when choosing finishing moves. Each character has several ways of dealing with their opponents, but they tend to get repetitive throughout the single player campaign. The Ultimate Warrior, Sasha Banks and John Cena are the most notable additions, each with a full spectrum of new moves.

Compared to the real thing, WWE 2K17 looks and feel more realistic, which is not a small achievement. Moving around the ring is a treat to the eye and this installment rewards skill more than any of its predecessors. The matches don’t look or feel scripted and despite playing so many rounds throughout the single player, things never get repetitive. The game play was further enhanced by the introduction of new characters, yet the game mechanics were not changed much through patches and updates.

Compared to WWE 2K16, this new expansion doesn’t bring a great deal of new things, but rather improves the gameplay. With nearly 140 superstars and more being thrown into the mix all the time, it has just enough diversity to keep players happy. It has several game modes, each with a different path to victory and several ways to achieve it.

Plot of WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 was never intended to be a story driven title, but rather a string of exciting matches. Having said this, developers found it worthwhile to introduce a narrative, revolving around the MyCareer Mode. This is just one of the several game modes that players can choose from, but definitely the most helpful for beginners. It is available exclusively on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, whereas other modes run of the previous consoles.

Screenshot of WWE 2K17 Element
Screenshot of WWE 2K17 Element

The WWE 2K17 plot is centered on the professional athletes that players choose when they start the single player campaign. This also applies to the Universe Mode which grants players even more freedom in creating WWE shows. The goal is still to outshine opponents in every imaginable way, but players can compete in additional tournaments. There are also pay-per-view events and the possibility to create new rivalries, different from existing ones.

Throughout the single player campaign, players learn more about the new game mechanics and master the old ones. To help players get more immersed into the gaming atmosphere, developers worked closely with famous artists. The result is a soundtrack that brilliantly complements the narrative, but the dialogues leave a lot to be desired. As a professional wrestling videogame, WWE 2K17 doesn’t suffer too much from these shortcomings, but fails to reach its full potential.

Development of WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 was on the drawing board immediately after the previous iteration hit the stores. 2K sports was pleasantly surprised by the success of their wrestling videogame and started work on the next installment. In May 2016, the first trailers were unveiled and developers also provide a couple of screenshots. The differences between the original concepts and the final product are minimal, a great source of satisfaction for the fans.

In order to meet the deadline for the projected release date, many of the new features were added gradually. DLC packs are not expensive and some of the content was added for free. In anticipation of the official release, more short videos were presented to the audience and the E3. The addition of Ultimate Warrior, Sasha Banks and John Cena was considered to be largely responsible for the game’s success.

Screenshot of WWE 2K17 Official Roster

Where can I download WWE 2K17?

2K Sports is the publisher of the game, so it makes perfect sense to go to their website to download WWE 2K17. Since you are already here, do yourself a favor and check out the entire list of games published by this company. NBA 2K16, WWE 2K14 and MLB 2K 16 are some of the worthy options for sports enthusiasts. These are the same guys that have published other amazing games that have nothing to do with sports, but our exciting nonetheless. Mafia 3, BioShock Infinite, Battleborn, XCOM 2 and Civilizations VI are all featured and worth acquiring.

What are others saying about WWE 2K17?

WWE 2K17 is by no means a revolutionary game and it comes as no surprise that it didn’t send shockwaves throughout the gaming industry. The vast majority of those who decided to give it a shot are wrestling fans who have played the predecessor. They were thrilled to discover that the new installment can be enjoyed on the latest consoles, as well as the previous generation devices. Critics gave it the best score for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the rating rarely surged past 70 the out of 100.

There was no shortage of criticism and wrestling fans found the game to be a minor improvement, rather than a standalone product. They were not convinced by the addition of a dozen new professional wrestlers and found the graphics to be average. The thing that everyone talks about for a while was the new lighting engine and the improvements made to in-ring action. Overall, 2K sports met its projections in terms of sales and the game was regarded as a success.

Screenshot of WWE 2K17 Belt Winner
Screenshot of WWE 2K17 Belt Winner

My rating of WWE 2K17

I needed some convincing to play the first wrestling game produced by 2K Sports. I’m not a big fan of the so-called sport, but I can appreciate a quality videogame when I see one. I had to admit right from the start that the developers did a fine job in creating a game that is at least as good as the real thing. Not many developers that can brag about something similar, but this is rather the merit of wrestling being less exciting.

WWE 2K17 is a tiny step forward, but at least it is one made into the right direction. I had no expectations for a giant leap, but found the My Career most satisfying enough. It’s obviously much better to compete against real people and that’s how I spent most of the time. Some people have complained about the presentation issues and the manner in which promos were brought into the spotlight.

Quite frankly I was more upset with the latency issues which caused me serious problems when fighting online. In this line of work, you have to show some leniency because software developers producing sports games have a hard job. The sports don’t change from year to year, so you can’t expect the video games to reinvent the wheel either. All things considered, I’m only willing to rate this game 7.5 out of 10.

Overall Score