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What is WWE 2K18?

WWE 2K18 is the latest professional wrestling videogame published by 2K sports and developed by Visual Concepts. The game can be played on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as Microsoft Windows computers. It can also be played on Nintendo switch, as the game was ported on this console for the first time since WWE13. The game adds new athletes and it looks much better than its predecessors.

Key facts about WWE 2K18

  • WWE 2K18 is a major visual upgrade, with more authentic wrestlers.
  • The new game has a huge roster of stars including contemporary and retired wrestlers.
  • WWE 2K18 emphasizes customization and players can create unique characters.
  • Road to Glory prepares players for multiplayer and offers a great alternative.
  • WWE 2K18 uses loot boxes and was initially plagued by technical glitches.

Gameplay of WWE 2K18

The WWE 2K18 gameplay is pretty much unchanged compared to the one present in the previous installment. While visually improved, it still uses the same game mechanics and only makes a few changes. In regard the number of players that can participate in a single match, with the new title allowing a total of eight. Players are still supposed to outshine their opponents, using the iconic moves performed by real athletes on stage.

One of the strongest suits of the new installment is the Royal Rumble match. It was already dynamic and quite exciting, but the new features made it even more similar to the real thing. Developers have introduced new animations and plenty of new features to make the gameplay of WWE 2K18 more exciting. During, before and after the match, players can hear the new commentary keep, which is a vast improvement. The game also has a new graphics engine, so the visuals and camera systems are better.

There were a couple of changes made to the gameplay as well, some purely cosmetic while others pretty comprehensive. A lot of time is spent viewing the customization stage, as brand-new creation suits features were introduced. There is no longer a free-roaming camera to observe the actions unfolding within the ring during the match. The arsenal of weapons that can be used during the match has also expanded and now includes a dozen of new objects.

The Create-A-Match feature has returned and has cool new features that make the MyCareer more intense. Players can roam freely behind the stage to get a better sense of what the life of real professional wrestlers is all about. Players can also experiment with as many as eight distinct fighting styles.

Screenshot of WWE 2K18 High Confidence

Plot of WWE 2K18

The plot of WWE 2K18 is shallow compared to what the leading videogames promote these days. Having said this, for a wrestling simulator, it has a pretty convincing narrative. Players begin by customizing their character of choice and start walking down the Road To Glory. This game mode allows them to qualify for various events and make a name for themselves in the competitive wrestling industry. It has the merit of getting players a sense of purpose and helps them find motivation to play even more.

The Universe mode is also much better in this new iteration, with more currencies, a brand-new story system and different goals. All these are supposed to substitute the lack of a proper WWE 2K18 plot and also prepare players for multiplayer. The game comes in different covers, with John Cena being featured on the collector’s edition, while other famous wrestlers appear on the other games. As for Cena, he is even available in two additional versions, celebrating different moments of his career.

All in all, players can choose between a massive selection of athletes, with as many as 47 of them. They are grouped in several sections, with wrestlers from different eras and available in packs such as New Moves pack, NXT Generation pack and so on. Players who chose to preorder the game also receive Kurt Angle, while there are also special wrestlers to unlock. Even Colonel Sanders has a playable character, which can be unlocked by using the Create-A-Wrestler feature.

Screenshot of WWE 2K18 vs WWE 2K17

Development of WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 was meant to be played across a broader spectrum of devices and make it compatible with all consoles. Development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was predictable, but the team also wanted the game to run on Nintendo Switch. The price to pay for bringing this popular game to a new console was obviously, time. It took them a while to come up with a functional game and even immediately after their release, there were some bugs plaguing the experience.

In terms of visuals, the game looks very good across all devices, but with the sheer limitations of Nintendo Switch. Development of WWE 2K18 was announced a couple of months after the previous game was released. However, the team got PC immediately after the other game hit the stores and nobody was surprised. As always, the game was unveiled to the broader audience at the end of the year, just in time for the winter holidays shopping.

Where can I download WWE 2K18?

WWE 2K18 can be downloaded from the website of the publisher, as well as from Visual Concepts who develop the game. In both cases, players can expect to find other games from the franchise, such as WWE 2K17 as well as WWE 2K14. Players who want to enjoy the thrills of other great games should visit the publisher and will find plenty of such titles. Not all of them are sports simulators, but basketball fans can consider themselves lucky because both NBA 2K16 and NBA 2K18 can be found here.

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What are others saying about WWE 2K18?

WWE 2K18 was received decently well by the fans, especially those that have played the previous games in the series. Everyone was quick to highlight the fact that the visuals are much better as well as the animations and sound effects. The quality of the single player was also noticed and players regard the cut scenes as an important improvement. However, most of the praise was once again heaped by the multiplayer, when the wrestling simulator is at its finest.

Some of the more critical WWE 2K18 reviews were written by players were not happy with the single player mode called MyCareer. They felt that the developers didn’t do enough to come up with a convincing single player campaign. A lot of criticism was drawn by the Nintendo Switch version, as players complained about its technical limitations. The manner in which the game performs on these devices prevented from reaching its full potential.

My Rating of WWE 2K18

I didn’t play the WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch version, so I can’t say for sure if the game is just as bad as people complain about. On the other consoles and PC it looks and is in line with the expectations. I felt that not too many things have changed compared to the previous installments, which is both good that bad. There are only as many changes that one can make to a wrestling simulator, so I didn’t expect a breakthrough. Even so, the game feels pretty fresh and I think that it is worth giving it a try.

I was frustrated with some of the in-ring combat mechanics and I felt that the outcome of some matches were not within my control. Then again this is what wrestling is mostly about, as it is always about show rather than a serious fight. Most of the classic wrestling moments are here, so for the fans of the genre this is a nice distraction. I’m happy to rate WWE 2K18 7.5 out of 10, but I can’t go beyond that.