Screenshot of Z War Game Cover

What is Z War

Z War is the latest massive multiplayer online real-time strategy game for mobile devices. It draws inspiration from horror video games and movies, where zombies are the main villains. The game has a single player campaign in which players confront brain eating monsters and try to save humanity. In the face of gruesome infestation, there is no choice but to fight until the bitter and. The game is fast-paced and can be played on iPhones and Android powered gadgets.

Key facts about Z War

  • Z War is a free to play real-time strategy zombie game.
  • Players can enjoy the game by themselves or team up with a friend and work together for the greater good.
  • Z War requires players to build a strong city and defend it from seemingly never-ending waves of undead.
  • The game features various technologies that can be developed to improve resource production and set up more effective defenses.
  • Z War has a preparation stage, where players train specialists and gather up the troops before going to war.

Gameplay of Z War

The gameplay of Z War is centered on the war for survival against zombies. In both single player and multiplayer modes, players are compelled to build fortifications to have a shot against the undead. The research in various technologies enhances their chances and makes it easier to repel the invaders. Some abilities speed up the accumulation of resources, while others reduce building time for structures.

In addition to building fortifications, players also recruit and train troops. These level up and as they do, they become more effective at killing zombies. Players also enhance their leadership skills and as the game progresses, resort to increasingly complex strategies. The waves of monsters get increasingly tougher to repel, but players can counter zombies by recruiting elite troops.

Keeping the hungry beasts at bay represents just a part of the story, with players also occupying new territories. Z War is played online and players can set up huge alliances, by joining forces with players worldwide. They retain the command of their own troops, but can work together with your newfound allies. These might be mindless creatures, but some of them are fast and inflict a lot of damage quickly. That’s why it is mandatory to choose the right strategy and switch from siege tactics to blitzkrieg

The Z War gameplay is not exclusively about who has the biggest army. More troops are obviously more effective at both the defending and occupying new territories. However, researching technology has an important effect on recruitment and building times. Even the best leaders can occasionally succumb under the relentless attacks of the undead. On the bright side, cities can be rebuilt or reconstructed from scratch.

Screenshot of Z War Zombie Offensive
Screenshot of Z War Zombie Offensive

Plot of Z War

The Z War plot is definitely not one of the most original out there. Once again humanity and civilization are on the brink after a virus breaks out and zombies overrun cities. It is the premise from which many video games and movies have started. In this case, the emphasis is not on doomsday itself but the aftermath and the players trying to take back the planet.

Early on, players are confronted with flesh eating zombies that roam the land unchecked. Nothing seems capable of stopping them in their tracks and one by one cities succumb under their malice. The future of humanity is in jeopardy, but in their darkest hours, survivors band together to face their foe. Players assume the role of the leader of this movement and try to guide humans on a path to victory.

The plot of Z War is relatively shallow and players are given little information about what has happened. There are basically facing the consequences and learn the ropes on tehgo. It is obvious that the goal is to rebuild civilization while doing everything you can to destroy zombies. In the absence of a proper narrative, players improvise and the game feels like a sandbox environment.

The advantage of playing on mobile devices is that players can interact with their peers on many levels. It is possible to set up alliances to face the zombies, but also to ensure your supremacy. Groups of players can go at war against each other in online PVP action, as they try to establish dominance. Resources are in short supply and they are the main reason for why players fight among each other in Z War. This is where the best strategies shine brighter and intelligent players outshine their opponents.

Screenshot of Z War Army Buildup
Screenshot of Z War Army Buildup

Development of Z War

Development on Z War started in the wake of the successful release of World War Z. The similarities go beyond the name, but this title is also inspired by video games played on PCs and consoles. Those who seek the thrills of more serious titles, should check out Dead Island, Umbrella Corps, Resident Evil, or Fortnite. The latter can also be played on mobile devices.

Where can I download Z War?

Z War can be downloaded for free from iTunes, PlayStore. Players can also head on to the official Feeling Touch website and acquire the games straight from the developers. The upside of browsing the app stores is that players can find other zombie related mobile friendly games.

What are others saying about Z War?

Z War was welcomed with open arms by reviewers, with few complaints being uttered in regard to frequent server maintenance. Its free to play nature was also celebrated and players appreciated the fact that the game can be played on all sorts of mobile devices.

My rating of Z War

Z War is the kind of game that delivers the mindless fun sought after by those who play on mobile devices. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t need a game that takes you through the hoops on a smart phone or tablet. I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly entertained by this game so I’ll rate it 9/10.

Overall Score